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News and Events: 2013-2014


Annual day, is exclusively organised to rercognise and highlight various good qualities of students for that academic year.

Mr. VIJAYA RAGHAVAN, an educationist, retd. Chemistry professor from K L E College, was the chief guest of the day. He addressed the gathering and recollected the moments he had spent with the administrator as his student. He urged the students to work hard to come up in life and highlighted the importance of parent’s and teacher’s role in one’s life. He then gave away the prizes to the deserving students.

Principal of the college Mrs. Sandhya Menezes, delivered the annual report for the year 2013-14,which was a sum up of the activities of that year.

Anjana Joshi, the president of the student council gave the gathering a summary of the student council activities conducted through the year.

Mr.Roshan Menezes, administrator of the college congragulated all the winners and thanked the teachers for all their dedication towards the well being of the students.

Before the curtains were drawn for the annual day, an entertainment programme consisting of colorful dances and melodious songs was presented by the first year students.


ETHNIC DAY was celebrated on 6th December 2013. The day�s objective is to go ETHNIC��.Y, for a whole week, before ethnic day. All through the week students were clad in resplendent costumes articulating the objective of the day. The D � DAY i.e ETHNIC DAY was celebrated on 6TH December in the sports arena.That day�s ethnic�y fever was evident since morning as the students were seen dressed in colorful attires ,all set for the evening�s ramp walk.

The ethnic day began at 4 pm at the arrival of the esteemed guests Mr. JONATHAN, 94.3 R J and Miss ALISHA a renowed model to be a part of the panel along with our administrator Mr. ROSHAN MENEZES.The whole evening was a bash with some adept talents being exhibited which led to the assessment of the participants for various categories and to crown Mr.& Ms. Carmel. Karthik was crowned Mr.CARMEL and. JEEVITHA was crowned Ms. CARMEL.



Mother earth is calling out to the human race to conserve the natural resources and save earth. In response to which the community service centre and Carmel eco club organized ECO CONSERVATION RALLY on 26 November 2013 by joining hands with the ROTARY CLUB ,SOUTH PARADE. Dr. Devaraj Urs from Rajiv Gandhi university and Mr. Girish Sanner DCP traffic ,Bangalore west, were the guest of honour for the day. The chief guest addressed the gathering and urged the students to save earth and spread the message of save earth.

Our students presented a myme SAVE EARTH to spread an awareness about the environment, after which the rally was flagged off by the chiefguest along with the other dignitaries Mr. Roshan Menezes administrator of the college ,principal of the college Mrs. Sandhya Menezes and principal of school Mrs. Dorothy Menezes The rally was perfectly routed to spread the awareness among people. Simultaneously the myme was performed at few more locations to spread the message of SAVE EARTH.


�FOOD FOR GOOD� - Food Fest

Ignited by thought of food fest, students of different sections also combined together and conducted food fest for a noble cause. The food fest was organized for four days.

Each group catered to the Carmelites tasty delicacies thus, devoted whole heartedly and worked towards the noble cause of charity by donating the collected funds of each day to the needy.


Sports day was conducted on 13th November 2013 at �AMBEDKAR STADIUM�. The chief guest of the day was Mrs. REETH ABRAHAM, an international level athlete and �ARJUN AWARDEE�, received the guest of honour from the students and declared the 12th annual athletic meet open. The chief guest addressed the gathering and shared few of her exciting experiences. She asked the students to maintain good health and keep fit. After which she gave away the prizes for the winners of the intramural matches.

Later on various track events were conducted for the students along with other events like shortput, discuss throw and javelin throw. Short put was also conducted for the staff. To wind up for the day valedictory function was conducted. Mr.Roshan Menezes administrator of the college distributed the prizes for the winners of the day.



Teens week was celebrated in the campus in the second week of November to entertain the students.

To begin with teachers conducted a food fest on 11th November 2013 for the students , by taking charge of the canteen to cater to the students and thus initiated the thought of food for noble cause. Following which, the teachers conducted certain events for the students on 15th November 2013.

Teachers divided themselves into groups and each group conducted an event to facilitate the students to take part in various events.

The events conducted were: BOWLING, HOOPLAH RACE, BUILDING BLOCKS.


�SIRIGANNADAM GELGE� is the saying of Karnataka. With the same spirits and with a belongingness, our state Rajyotsava was celebrated in the campus. After invoking God�s blessing, our principal addressed the gathering in kannada where she spoke about the melody of the language of Karnataka and praised people who had contributed towards the cause and inspired the students to be dedicated to the language. Mr. Sreenivasa Murthy. P. was also honoured that day for his dedication to the language. The day culminated with a skit presented by the students of 1st "A" to highlight the official language of Karnataka.

The trend to balance the curricular activities and the co curricular activities Intramural sports was conducted in the college after the mid term exams to provide space to the students to pull out their sportsmanship. Different games like throw ball, basket ball, carom, shuttle badminton, volley ball and etc was conducted, where students participated very sportively.

Doctor�s Talk on �Awareness about AIDS�

Dr. Padmini Prasad, famous gynecologist and Obstetrian addressed the students on 13.9.13. She educated the students about AIDS and its misconceptions. She also spoke about sexually transmitted diseases and cleared the misunderstandings adolescents have. She told the students that she would keep a helpline open so that people could feel free to clarify their doubts.

Ganesha Chaturthi

Kannada Sangha celebrated Ganesha Chaturthi on 11/09/13. The whole campus was decorated for the celebration. Prayers were offered for an Eco-Friendly Ganesha. As a mark of celebration, Kannada Sangha, Teachers and Community Service Centre lunch provided for everyone in campus.


Student Council organized a bash for the teachers on teacher�s day. Teachers were divided five groups, each named by a colour. Teachers had a gala time that week.

Fashion Show, Unique Talent, Rapid Fire, were conducted for the teachers, where the teachers actively participated and performed upto the expectations.

Each teacher had an unique talent to exhibit. The culmination of the day saw a tie between blue and white team where a tie breaker declared white team as the winner.

Permet De Roche

Rendezvous an Inter Collegiate Fest, was held in month of August. Rendezvous, this year was back with a bang, it was an ART � Mild. Where art and its fascination was the theme. About 40 colleges participated with full spirit of the fest. The energetic crowd throughout added on to the beauty of the fest. The over whelming crowd was addressed by the Cine Actor & Big Boss fame Mr. Vijay Ragavendra and Cine Actress Roopika. Their presence added special elegance to the fest. Many new and interesting events like E � Waste Art, Jewellery making, Fashion designing, Tattoo designing, Photography and many more were the unique elements of the fest. Main stage events held the crowd with lot of energy all day.

PERMET DE ROCHE the tagline of Rendezvous suited best. All the participants and Carmelites just rocked. The day was marked with high spirit of participation, energy, fun and it was a remarkable day to take back. It was a big platform where a unique talent from various college, stayed tuned. Carmel is always up with fun and lot of opportunities. The overall champion was Mount Carmel College. The Bollywood dance competition was the final event and the entire campus was packet with Bollywood fans that enjoyed the tunes of Bollywood music. It was a tribute to 100 years of Bollywood in India. Overall the event was a tremendous success to enjoy and a day to flee your spirits.


Independence day was celebrated with a great pomp. Our administrator Mr. Roshan Menezes hoisted the flag and addressed the gathering and appreciated the presence of the students and encouraged them by his address . Our beloved Principal Mrs . Sandhya Menezes also addressed the gathering and sweets was distributed.


CPUC organized on Alumni Meet on 10th August 2013 to provide a platform for reunion. The day witnessed and active participation of 120 EX-Carmelites of different years. It was a joyous moment for the teachers and ex-students to share and recollect. The core committee was framed to carry on the alumni meet in the forth coming years. The management made the vibrating with games and fabulous high tea.

District level Throw Ball 2013

Carmel PU College hosted district level throw ball tournament in the Carmel Play Ground, which was organized by the PU Board on 20th , 21st and 22nd of August 2013. Mr. Eshwar N Murthy, Deputy Director Department of PU Education inaugurated the event.

70 team of girls and 50 teams of boys from various college of the city participated in the tournament. Aurobindo PU College girls team and Basveshwara PU College boys team was emerged as winners.


On 27th July 2013, a Blood Donation Camp was organized at the Carmel campus where faculty, staff, parents and students voluntarily donated blood. The camp was organized by the �Lions Club� in the campus under the leadership of our Principal Mrs. Sandhya Menezes and support of the Carmel community service unit. Around 60 units of blood was collected on the day. Students and staff members were apprised of the benefits related to blood donation by the volunteers of Community service.

Mr. Manjunath, Corporator - Shivanagar inaugurated the Blood donation camp. Lions President (Geetanjali) Mrs. Geetha, Lions President Mr. Arvind Shetty and Mr. Roshan Menezes, Secretary of Carmel Education society were present on the occasion. The day was certainly fulfilling for the institution.


To showcase our talents, we had a great week in Carmel PU College. There was a panorama of activities showcased. Various attires with themes like Chennai express, retro, red & black, party wear were worn by students.
Personality contest, picture composition, T-Shirt designing, Mehendi design, Nail � art, Fashion show, Unique talent, fireless cooking, Duet dance, Indian singing, Caligraphy in Hindi, Chameleon and many such events were conducted on 26.07.13.

Ms. Janet sequeira, an alumni was the Chief guest of the day, who was accompanied by the administrator Mr. Roshan Menezes and the Principal Mrs. Sandhya Menezes.
The day saw tough competition among I PUC and II PUC students. It was a life � time opportunity to show case talents for all!!
The Malhar trophy was won by II PUC for 2013-14.


At Carmel Pre-University College as a prelude to the colourful Malhar - the intracollegiate event, the student council had declared dress codes on different days. The campus wore a distinct look with students attired in Red & Black, followed by ethnic wear with theme, Chennai express. It was a great sight to see students dressed in retro style too.

On the whole there was high energy, sportive spirit and students also showcased talents. There was surely a shower of talents.


The Investiture ceremony for the year 2013 was held on 5th July in the Carmel Sports Arena. Smt. Sandhya Menezes, Principal welcomed the gathering. Investiture ceremony is that occasion which is a defining moment for the newly elected Student Council. Sri. Roshan Menezes, Administrator, Carmel Education Society, administered the oath. Accordingly the leaders took oath to discharge their duties with sincerity and uphold the principles of the institution.

The Chief Guest Dr. Meenakshi Bharath, Gyneacologist and Green Initiative Campaigner congratulated the leaders and handed over the badges to the elected members of the Student�s Council and released the college magazine. Her message to the student community was �Be determined and dedicated towards your academic career�. She also told them to make a right choice of career and to do their bit to conserve nature.

The parents and students assembled were taken through a journey of the Eco-Club, Community Service Centre, Carmel Activity Centre, Sports Club and Student Council Activities. The gathering witnessed a thought provoking dance on �Water Conservation� by the cultural team.

Eco-Club Event

Eco-Club has decided to have a logo for the club, so enthusiastic participants were given an opportunity on 3rd July 2013 to design the logo innovatively. The logo designed by Mahalakshmi R. of II 'C' was the Best.


Student Council Elections was conducted on 29th July 2013. Mr. Roshan Menezes, Administrator, Carmel Education Society, was the election officer. The elected Student Council is as follows:

Student Adviser: Swetha R. Archarya (Department of Chemistry)

Student President: Anjana Joshi

Vice-President: Pratik Vamje

Secretary: Nikhitha Patel

Cultural Secretaries: Preetham B. K., Nitin K., Jeevitha H.

Sports Secretaries: Kiran H. R., Chaitra B. K.


Fresher�s Day, a day where the Fresher�s (IPUC) get a platform to exhibit their talents and skills. The Fresher�s were wonderful in exhibiting their talents. Melodies songs, colorful dances and terrific mad ads, made the show an extravagant one.


QUESTION OF THE MONTH was conducted on 14TH June 2013. Administrator of the college MR. ROSHAN MENEZES interacted with the students about the topic "INTEGRATED COACHING A BOON OR A BANE�


CPUC believes in ENRICHMENT FOR ALL, for education polishes good nature and a motivated mind ignites an other mind, orientation programmes were organized for teachers, as well as students and parents.

LEARNING REFINES A MIND, so the teachers under went an orientation programme on June 1st 2013, Mr. Aswath Ramiah, Unique Consultants enriched the teachers by nurturing the thought of motivated mind.

A GOOD ARCHER IS NOT KNOWN BY HIS ARROW BUT BY HIS AIM. Students need to walk on the right track and aim at the right thing. An orientation programme was conducted by Mr. Ajit Kaikini, Buoyancy, Director for the I PUC students on 8th June 2013 to enhance them regarding this, where he also focused on attitude, gratitude and comparison.

NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN in lieu parents orientation programme was conducted for parents on 16th June 2013, Mr. Aswath Ramiah, Unique Consultants was the speaker of the day who oriented the parents about parent child bonding and need for the relationship to be strong.


Carmel Eco-Club conducted collage making competition to mark the �Work Environment Day� on 29.5.13. The competition was conducted on 5.6.13 and the theme was �conserve Water� and prize winners are as follows:

1st Prize: Mahalakshmi R. (II C)

2nd Prize: Prashanth R. (II B)

3rd Prize: Jeevitha H. (II A)