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Administrative Block: Administrative block comprises of reception, visitors’ lounge, Principal’s chamber and a computerized accounts office.
Lecture Halls: Class rooms are built to fit 65 students only per class, so that the students can get individual attention. The entire block houses ten lecture halls.


Staff Room: A spacious well furnished staff room is provided for teachers to retreat after their classes. Internet enabled computers are provided for teachers to carry out research on various topics for the benefit of the students.


Alexander Block: This block built in 2008 is named after Mr. Alexander Menezes, founder of the Carmel Education Society.  This block houses the Administrative block, Staff Room, Resource Centre, Science Laboratories,  Recreation Centre,  Cafeteria and  a  Sky-Walk with  a  beautiful view.

Resource Center:  Resource Centre facilitates students to refer and borrow books from various fields. One can avail articles and magazines of different languages/ subjects which are subscribed on every day, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis. The centre also provides internet access, Xerox and Scanning facility.


Science Laboratories: Carmel College offers subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science and Electronics in the science stream. There are well equipped, spacious labs for each of the above subjects. Labs are also used extensively during Inter-collegiate fest, Rendezvous to conduct innovative competitions for students. Prevention of fire accidents is also taken care. In case any, to reduce further damage fire extinguishers are also there in campus.


Recreation Center:  All the extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are conducted in the recreation center. When no such activities are scheduled, it is utilized as an indoor badminton court and Table Tennis court.


Cafeteria: Cafeteria serves delicious refreshments all through the year for students and staff.

The Sky Walk: The Sky Walk is one of the students’ favorite places to hang out. One can get the best view around the campus from here. The Sky Walk also connects Alexander Block to the Lecture Halls Block.


Amphitheatre: Mini amphitheatre is the place where students get-together for variety of events, for example, question of the month, where students can voice out their opinion on various current issues.

Basketball court: This is the place where students love to be, where they can unwind.


Carmel Play ground: All inter collegiate sports events are held here.

Eco friendly campus: The classrooms at Carmel are airy and as there is enough sunlight, the power consumption is minimized waste bins are placed at strategic locations and the decomposable matter is dumped into a compost pit. The leaves swept from the college campus are dumped to provide nutrition to the soil the college canteen uses steel cups and plates instead of disposable plastic. The natural greenery adds to the serene atmosphere and keeps the campus cool; the lawns are the favorite place of many students. In support of the environment, guests are presents with potted plants rather than cut flowers. College has rainwater harvester pits to prevent rain water from going to waste. The club members educate their fellow mates by being messengers of Help clean …….Go green.




Lawn: Beautiful landscaped gardens are a plus point for Carmel PU College. The spacious greenery and open space is a real treat for our eyes, especially in the middle of the city.