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Rules and Regulations

We expect our students to be regular and punctual in attending-

• Personality Development Classes
• Value education programmes
• Cultural and extra - curricular activities


General discipline is to be maintained during class hours, assemblies and activities. Campus property is to be respected and campus kept clean.

  • Students are advised to consult the college notice board every day.
  • No books, pamphlets or papers will be circulated by the students nor tickets for any program sold within the premises without the permission of the Principal.
  • No money shall be raised for any purpose whatsoever, or gifts made to staff members or others without the permission of the Principal.
  • Students are admitted to the college on the understanding that they undertake to abide by the general rules and regulations of the college. These are framed, not to restrict their freedom, but to enable them to make best possible use of all the facilities, academic and cultural, offered by the college.
  • During the first hour in the morning when the second bell is rung, students should stand for a one-minute silent prayer. Classes commence when the third bell is rung and students should observe punctuality.
  • No student is allowed to leave a lecture hall without the lecturer’s permission or until the class is dismissed.
  • Student must cultivate the use of library. They are expected to spend their free time in the reading room referring book in the library section.
  • Ragging is a cognizable offence and those who indulge in it or even encourage it will be handed over to the police, as per G.O.Ed 122 URC 96 dated 16.01.1997.
  • Consumption of Tobacco, and or any of its products within the range of 100 mts. in and around the college campus is a punishable offence as per law.
  • Campus must be kept clean at all times. Littering and defacing the walls or desks, damaging college property etc. are offences. Every class under the guidance of the class leader will be the responsible for the cleanliness of the room allotted to it.
  • Boys and girls are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and maturity in their inter-relationships; they must observe norms of decency and propriety.
  • Every student is required to carry his/her identity card to the college. The card should be shown to any members of the staff or college official whenever required.
  • Dress code: While the college does not prescribe a formal code, it does expect all students to keep in mind basic norms of decency with regard to dress habits.
  • A student who is absent for 15 days at a stretch without informing the Principal of the reason of his/her absence is liable to have his/her name stuck of the rolls. Those below the required level of attendance will not be permitted for First year and Second year PUC examinations. A student who falls short of 75% attendance in any month will be required to meet the Principal with his/her parents. Students who have shortage of attendance will not be sent to the Final Examinations.
  • There will be regular tests and examinations. Attendance at all tests and exams is compulsory. Student will not be permitted to attend classes till they justify their absence from the test and exams. They will have to bring their parents and meet the Principal.
  • Use of cellular/mobile phones in the college campus is prohibited. If students are found using the same for any purposed in the campus, their cellular/mobile phones will be confisticated.