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�What makes the youth a big power?�


We should be thankful that God has given us a chance to experience the phase of life that we call Youth. It is in our youth that we have many dreams to pursue and many hopes to count on. These dreams can take us to the stars and galaxies till, we realize them or die for in the process, if need be. It is in our youth that our minds are full of idealism that becomes our guide in life. So what makes the youth a big power?


It all begins with idealism. In the mind of youth, idealism is the trigger that keeps us on the track that we choose. Idealism helps us to form our mindset. It also helps us to find something that we believe in, form our faith and conviction.


If we are truly to experience the beauty of being alive and help our world evolve into a genuinely peaceful and loving place, we must realize idealism as a powerful and necessary life condition. In India, just into the 21st century, we have to create a sound environment to enable us to cope with the emerging challenges of globalization. It is for the youth and India to work towards value addition in upgrading themselves to become capable of handling those challenges.


Empowered by idealism the youth can become an effective instrument of change and can aspire to create a world free of poverty, unemployment, inequity and exploitation, a world free of discrimination on grounds of race, language and gender, an ideal world, full of challenges and opportunities to conquer them.